Marco Beltrami - Composer “A Quiet Place”

April 3, 2018

He's a two-time Oscar nominated composer for "3:10 to Yuma" (2007) and "The Hurt Locker" (2008) and has scored dozens of other features including the "Scream" series, "World War Z" and, most recently 2017's "Logan". Marco Beltrami's latest work can be heard in director/actor John Krainski's new film, "A Quiet Place". He talks about the experience of composing for a movie with practically no dialogue in this latest edition of the LCJ Q&A.


Brandon Sawyer - Executive Producer “Boss Baby: Back in Business”

April 1, 2018

It was a box office hit and surprise Oscar nominee, with a sequel in the works. But fans of "The Boss Baby" don't have to wait three years to see the pint-sized business mogul in action again. DreamWorks Animation TV will debut "The Boss Baby: Back in Business" this Friday (4/6) on Netflix. Two-time Emmy-winner Brandon Sawyer is the show's Executive Producer. 


Terrell Braly - CEO Cosmic Cinemas

March 25, 2018

He was the mastermind behind the Alamo Drafthouse and Cinnebarre movie theatre chains. And now Terrell Braly is at it again. The businessman and film fanatic's Cosmic Cinemas is set to open it's first two locations in Upstate New York this Summer. LCJ talks with Braly about the mission of his new company: to provide avid movie fans with a truly unique entertainment experience.


Tom Warburton - Executive Producer “Muppet Babies”

March 12, 2018
Throughout the years, The Muppets universe has given birth to numerous offspring. One of the most imaginative and popular was "Jim Henson's Muppet Babies", which aired from 1984-'91. Well, the kids are back! The new "Muppet Babies" animated series debuts on Disney Channel on March 23. Veteran animator/producer Tom Warburton ("Codename: Kids Next Door") is the reboot's executive producer.

Oscar Prediction 2018 - Fox Sports Radio

March 5, 2018

LCJ joins JT the Brick and Tomm Looney once again for the annual Oscars Predictions Edition of 'Pop Looney'. 


Jeremy Parsons - Co-Host “PEOPLE NOW”

February 25, 2018

Veteran entertainment reporter and current co-host of People TV's daily, live online pop culture show "PEOPLE NOW" Jeremy Parsons joins LCJ to talk Awards Season, his wildly busy career and this week's Oscars.


Nick Park - Director “Early Man”

February 13, 2018

It's impossible to separate Nick Park from his most two most famous creations - Wallace & Gromit. But fans worldwide know the iconic Park is also responsible, as animator, writer, producer and/or director for such classics as "Chicken Run", "Creature Comforts" and "Shaun the Sheep". The 4-time Oscar-winner got back in the director's chair after nearly 10 years for Aardman's latest stop-motion adventure - "Early Man".


Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter - Directors “Negative Space”

February 7, 2018

In an outstanding year for animated shorts, "Negative Space" has emerged as one of the best. Both an Oscar and Annie nominee, the film tells the story of a son's special relationship with his father, developed through a unique passion.